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Can I create an archive / snapshot copy of my project in PHAWorks RA Edition?

The Project Snapshots feature allows snapshots of the current project data to be created. Access to Project Snapshots is under the Project menu.

  • Snapshots are a point in time copy.
  • The snapshots include all project information as it is currently set.
  • Snapshots are saved within the current project.
  • Items in the table are numbered using the # column (this number is created by the software)

Snapshots may be added, deleted or opened using the toolbar or context menu. When adding snapshots, the following options are available:

  • Name - Name of the snapshot (required field to create a snapshot).
  • Created By- Who created the snapshot.
  • Comments - Additional information entered at the user's discretion.
  • Date/Time - Captured with snapshot. Not a user value entered when adding a snapshot.

Once a snapshot is created, you cannot edit the details of the snapshot. The snapshots are ordered with the most recent snapshot first in the list. The "Date/Time" column is a data/time stamp field added with each snapshot.

To open a snapshot, use the context menu or use open snapshot icon. This extracts a copy of the snapshot and launches it as a new project. This Window Title of the opened project uses the snapshot name; however, you must save the snapshot as new file with a file name on first save.

Example image for Project Snapshots.

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