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Conduct Layers of Protection Analysis and Evaluate Process Risk

LOPAWorks allows users to conduct Layers Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for hazard scenarios. The software calculates scenario risks and compares them with risk tolerance criteria to determine what, if any, risk reduction is needed. Scenarios may be associated with hazardous events to facilitate compliance with the IEC 61511 / ISA 84 standards for Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs). Dominant contributors to scenario risk may be identified easily using the software.

Analyses are performed for individual hazard scenarios. However, risk criteria may be used that require scenario risks to be aggregated. The software provides various types of summations for risk aggregation, for example, by consequence type, hazard type, hazardous event, and process mode.

No other software has the capabilities of LOPAWorks.

New in LOPAWorks 

  • Link your IPLs and Safeguards to facilitate determining the overall impact on risk and removing the need to update IPL or Safeguard entries that occur in multiple locations.
  • Document your LOPA study using either the CCPS or PHA spreadsheet format, and customize each form.
  • Optional worksheet fields have been provided for approvals, QC checks, and importing scenarios from any type of PHA Study.
  • Highlighted risk reductions allow you to easily see what is required.
  • Export your LOPA recommendations to other programs including Primatech’s Tracker
  • Data entry has been simplified.
  • A video tutorial has been provided.
  • Redesign of data locations for ease of access.
  • Improved interface and navigation.
  • Improved copy control to add flexibility for how people can use the software.

Key Benefits of Using LOPAWorks

  • Improve the efficiency and reduce the time needed to complete LOPA studies.
  • Simplify the performance of LOPA studies by separating them from PHA studies while preserving their connection.
  • Use a PHA spreadsheet or CCPS form, or a combination of both, for data entry.
  • Import hazard scenarios from PHAWorks 5 or enter them individually.
  • Import or enter scenarios into a single LOPA study from multiple PHA projects to allow risk summation for entire facilities.
  • Select failure data from an internal database or use your own.
  • Key field entries are linked for global updating of the entries and associated data.
  • Perform worksheet math automatically.
  • Make changes to the worksheets and immediately see the impact on overall risk.
  • Customize the fields used for data entry.
  • Create a database of scenario analyses that can be updated at any time.
  • Employ different types of risk criteria.
  • Use the ALARP principle and establish both primary and secondary risk criteria.
  • Automatically aggregate risk by summing over hazard scenarios.
  • Conduct sensitivity studies to determine immediately the risk impact of changing values of failure data.
  • Generate full documentation of LOPA to comply with IEC 61511 / ISA 84 requirements.
  • Select from standard reports which you can customize or create and configure your own reports.

For more information about LOPAWorks (download flyer), contact us directly at 614.841.9800, or via email at: software@primatech.com

To receive a free 15-day evaluation copy of LOPAWorks 3, click here.