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What is the Dashboards tab in PHAWorks RA Edition?

Dashboards provide summary data for the project.

The data is updated real time as changes are made to the project.

Dashboards is made up of four sections:

  1. Dashboards - This is the tab displayed next to Recommendations tab to access Dashboards.

  2. Tabs - These are the tabs displayed below the Dashboards main tab. The default tabs for new project are Project Data and Worksheet Data. The tabs can be deleted, renamed and custom tabs can be created.  Each tab contains panes (sections) to display the data.

  3. Sections - These are the panes (sections) displayed below the Tabs. The sections can be deleted, reordered, re-sized, renamed, and custom sections can be created. Each section contains Section Items to display the data.

  4. Section Item - This is the data displayed in each section. The Section Items can be deleted, reordered, renamed and custom section items can be created.

Example dashboards.

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