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What are markers in PHAWorks RA Edition?

Markers allow you to flag data in the worksheet so at a glance, determine which cells have something in common or which information requires immediate attention.

Information abut Markers:

  • Markers are only available in the worksheet.
  • Each marker has a unique color and name.
  • When adding a marker to a cell, you can optionally enter a date and comments for the marker.
  • The marker is displayed in the top left of a cell.
  • Each cell can have multiple markers. Additional markers are displayed to the right of the previous marker.
  • When a marker is displayed, you can place the mouse pointer over the marker to see the marker type, date, and any comments in a tooltip.
  • Data Check (under Tools) can be used to see where markers used in the worksheet.
  • Any change to the color / name will update in used markers project wide.
  • Clicking on clear usage of selected marker, will remove usage of the marker in the entire project.

Add / Edit / Delete markers:

  • Use the context menu Add Marker.
  • Use the context menu Edit Markers to add, edit, and delete markers.

Default markers available when creating new projects from Default Templates:

  • Yellow - Review
  • Red - Follow-up
  • Blue - Updated
  • Green - New

Example images for Markers.

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