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Can I copy data between files in PHAWorks RA Edition?

To help maintain consistency between projects and/or to ensure the accuracy of information on studies of the same facility, Protocols, QC Checklists, Primary Level (e.g. Nodes), Secondary Level (e.g. Parameters), worksheet entries, drawings, procedures, other documents, sessions, quick entry lists, reports, worksheet views, and other data can be copied between projects.

Copy From Other Project can be accessed from from the Tools menu.

Protocols, QC Checklists, Quick Entry Lists, Primary Level (e.g., Nodes), Worksheet Views, and Reports can also be copied from using the context menu in the respective features.

  • Copy Protocols From Other Project
  • Copy QC Checklists From Other Project
  • Copy Quick Entry Lists From Other Project
  • Copy Primary Level (e.g., Nodes) From Other Project
  • Copy Worksheet Views From Other Project
  • Copy Reports From Other Project

To copy data, open the project coping data into. The project in which the data is being coped from cannot be open, nor can it be a different template or the same template but different configuration. For example, data cannot be copied from a What-If project into a HAZOP project or from a What-If study without Subsystems into a What-If study with Subsystems.

All Protocols, QC Checklists, Quick Entry Lists, Primary Level (e.g., Nodes), and Reports are appended into the project being copied into. Items that are tagged (e.g., drawings used) will be copied. When copying Worksheet Views, Protocol column names, and QC Checklist column names, all items in the project being coped into are replaced with items from the project being copied from.

Dialogs displayed during the wizard may vary based on selection of items.

Example image for Copy From Other Project.

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