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Primatech is a world leader in providing high-quality process safety and risk management training. Many companies look to Primatech to help them develop and implement their process safety, security, and risk management programs through our training.

Benefits of Primatech Training:

  • Course instructors, who are also Primatech consultants, have extensive real-world experience and are skilled in a wide range of process safety and risk management topics.

  • Training courses, technical briefings, and management briefings are kept up to date with the latest technical approaches, industry best practices, and regulatory clarifications.

  • Participants learn how to satisfy the complex requirements of regulations from OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies.

  • Our training courses cover compliance with industry codes, standards, practices, and guidelines. We also provide detailed guidelines to implement the approaches presented.

  • Proven adult learning techniques and hands-on workshops are built into Primatech training to maximize the retention of information and provide a highly effective learning experience.

  • Primatech instructors create a friendly and enjoyable learning environment.

  • Primatech accommodates professionals by providing a variety of training courses, technical briefings, and management briefings that are available for face-to-face or live-streamed delivery.

  • Our training is offered publicly through open enrollment or can be conducted on-site at your facility.

  • Our face-to-face public courses are offered in various locations worldwide.

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