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Are there guides to help me perform my studies in PHAWorks RA Edition?

Quick start guides (QSGs) are intended to provide guidance on performing studies with the program. They are available for each template in the program and provide the overall steps to follow to complete a study. They guide practitioners in how to perform a study and provide guidance to new users on how to use the software to conduct a study.

The QSG can be opened from Help menu or using the QSG icon  in the tool bar.

The setting is saved with each project. Once open and being used, the next time the project is open the QSG pane will be available for use.

Reposition the QSG by clicking its title bar and dragging to the preferred location.

Resize by clicking and dragging the icon  in the lower right hand corner.

Move the QSG pane to a sidebar on the right side of the screen using the pin icon . To unpin the pane, click the unpin  icon or click its title bar and dragging to your preferred location

If the QSG and other panes are open, they can be dragged to separate panes or on top of each other to create one pane. When one pane, tabs for each pane will be displayed at the top allowing switching between panes.

You can close the QSG using the close icon X.

Example image for Quick Start Guide.

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