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The development of PHAWorks is guided by industry best practices and
over 30 years of knowledge and experience with PHA (HAZOP software).
GET STARTED RIGHT AWAYOur intuitive design allows you to get a running start on your work without cumbersome setup and configuration.
FAST AND EFFICIENTWhether making use of previous study information, or utilizing common entries, PHAWorks provides a variety of tools that make data entry a streamlined experience.
LIMITLESS CUSTOMIZATIONLeverage a robust set of customization features to adapt our many default study templates to fit the exact needs and requirements of your organization.
REGULAR SOFTWARE UPDATESSoftware updates are provided regularly with new features, enhancements, and useability improvements based on industry trends and your valued feedback.
EASILY IMPORT PROJECTSYour previous PHAWorks 5 projects, as well as files from other PHA software, can be imported easily.
FIRST CLASS SUPPORTWe’re committed to helping and educating our users. Live software training and support are available for all of our customers.
CHOICE OF PRODUCTSPrimatech offers two PHA software products. PHAWorks RA Edition is our flagship product and provides powerful capabilities for performing a wide range of studies. PHAWorks Lite is an alternative, streamlined tool with the essentials for PHA studies.
Primatech’s flagship software provides...
PHA and LOPA in One
Seamlessly conduct LOPA directly within the PHA worksheet. PHAWorks enables you to complete LOPA for your study without duplicating scenarios in a separate worksheet.
Technical Guidance
Whether you are new to PHA or an experienced practitioner, our software guides you through your project from start to finish to produce comprehensive results.
Data Analytics
Analyze your PHA worksheet data in aggregate with unparalleled depth and breadth. Data analytics and metrics provide deep insights into sources and types of process risks to support your process safety management program.
Bow Ties
Generate bow tie diagrams from PHA worksheets to clearly communicate process risks and manage safeguards effectively.
Primatech’s entry-level software provides...
Intuitive Design Philosophy
Clean and intuitive user interface similar to PHAWorks RA Edition.
Cost-effective Solution
Alternative option at a lower price point for conducting PHA and LOPA studies for those who don’t require the feature set of PHAWorks RA Edition.
Easily Perform Common PHA Studies
Select from the most commonly used PHA methods including HAZOP, What If, FMEA, HAZID, DHA, and Job Safety / Hazard Analysis.