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PHAWorks 5 has been used around the world for thousands of PHA studies (e.g. HAZOP and What If) making them easier, quicker, and more cost effective. Now, we are proud to introduce our next line of PHA software.

PHAWorks 5 is being replaced by PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite.

PHAWorks RA Edition is the successor to PHAWorks 5. It provides powerful features and capabilities. PHAWorks Lite is a simpler product that provides basic features and capabilities at a lower cost.

Click on these links for details of each product:

Differences between the two products are shown in the table below.

For more information, contact us directly at 614.841.9800, or via email at: software@primatech.com

Differences Between Primatech PHA Software Products 

The table below compares the differences between Primatech's PHA software products. To see more information on each product, click the product's name at the top of the table.

Feature PHAWorks 5 PHAWorks Lite PHAWorks RA Edition
User interface Dialogs Tabs Tabs
PHA methods 7 10 19
Pre-defined reports 12 22 27
Tooltips Basic Enhanced
Worksheet references Basic Extended Enhanced
Risk ranking schemes 1 1 Multiple
LOPA Basic(1) Comprehensive(2)
Risk summation
Linked safeguards, linked recommendations, and linked scenario groups
Create databases of safeguards, recommendations, and scenario groups
Master Quick Entry database
Display of data usage
Filter worksheets with and without data
Navigation page
Find Usages
Custom templates
Collapse / expand worksheet columns
Add custom banner fields
Optional automatic updates
Quick start guide

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 (1) LOPA for individual scenarios in the worksheet.

 (2) LOPA for individual scenarios in the worksheet and risk summations for scenario groups. Worksheet display with and without LOPA   columns. Choice to display only LOPA scenarios. Display of LOPA scenarios in color or with LOPA icon.