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Get started right away
From the ground up, PHAWorks RA Edition is designed to provide everything you need to begin your study and follow it through until completion. Our intuitive design allows you to get a running start on your work without cumbersome setup and configuration.
Guided by industry best practices
Primatech possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you ensure the safety and security of your facilities. PHAWorks RA Edition offers this knowledge at your fingertips, with expert guidance found directly in the software.
Safety studies made fast and efficient
Data entry has never been easier with a variety of tools to assist you in recording all of the information needed for your study. Features, such as data linking, quick entry lists, and referencing, ensure that you never need to type the same information twice.
Customize to the needs of your organization
We understand that every facility and process is different, and you may have custom needs for your safety studies. Although we provide over 20 default study templates, the robust customization features of PHAWorks RA Edition allow you to create custom templates and modify existing projects to fit your exact requirements.
The latest features provided directly to you
Process safety is an ever-evolving subject. We endeavor to constantly improve our software to meet the rigorous demands of industry as well as the desires of our clients. Automatic software updates are provided regularly; each update comes packed with new features, enhancements, and useability improvements based not only on industry trends, but on your valued feedback.

Import your existing PHAWorks projects
Project files from PHAWorks 5 are seamlessly imported into RA Edition. Leverage the power of modern PHA software to revalidate existing studies.
Do more with RA Edition
Technical Guidance
Whether you are new to PHA or an experienced practitioner, our software guides you through your project from start to finish to produce comprehensive results.
The Power of Linked Entries
Maintain an inventory of Safeguards, Recommendation, and Scenario Groups. See where they are used throughout your study, and ensure accuracy.
A User Interface Tailored to You
View your study information in the manner that best meets your needs. Save customization options and create templates to enhance future work.
PHA and LOPA in One
With a variety of LOPA-enabled study types, you can easily conduct LOPA within the PHA worksheet.

Additional Features
  •  Reference other worksheet entries
  •  Risk ranking scheme wizard
  •  Risk summation
  •  Quick Entry database
  •  Duplicate entry detection
  •  Quickly copy information between projects
  •  Select multiple entries from drop-down lists
  •  Worksheet navigation and entry panes
  •  Custom worksheet columns
  •  Advanced searching throughout the worksheet
  •  Find usages for linked drawings, documents, etc.
  •  QC checklists
  •  Protocols
  •  Use analytics to run queries and extract valuable information from studies

Experience the next generation of PHA Software today.