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Answers to a number of questions relating to Primatech's consulting services are provided here.

Question: What type of consulting work does Primatech conduct?

Answer: We offer a range of services in process safety, security and risk management. Please click here for details.

Question: How long has Primatech been in business?

Answer: Since 1987.

Question: Who are your clients?

Answer: Primatech clients span nearly every industry covered by process safety regulations, and even some that are beyond the traditional scope of OSHA PSM and EPA RMP. You can view our client list here

Question: What documents are required to secure consulting services from Primatech?

Answer: Purchase Orders, Contractual Agreements or Letters of Intent are the most commonly used documents.

Question: How does Primatech bill for its services?

Answer: Generally, we invoice monthly following the month in which the services were provided.

Question: How do you qualify your PHA facilitators?

Answer: All of our facilitators are required to attend Primatech initial and refresher training. Primatech facilitators are also independently certified by Primacert to ensure ongoing PHA competency.

Question: What quality control practices do you follow?

Answer: All of our project work receives independent technical and administrative reviews.

Question: When should we expect a report on a consulting project?

Answer: We strive to send you a draft report within 4-6 weeks after completion of the project work.

Question: Can you provide references?

Answer: Yes, most certainly. Please contact us at consulting@primatech.com.

Question: Do you provide consulting services outside the US?

Answer: Yes. We can provide personnel to work in most parts of the world.

Question: How long will my PHA study take to complete?

Answer: PHA studies can take from a day or two to several weeks depending on the scope of effort.

Question: What is required to complete a PHA study?

Answer: A PHA is performed by a team of appropriately qualified people led by a competent team leader. The leader plans, prepares, organizes and facilitates the study. The leader ensures that reference information such as process drawings needed to perform the study is available for the study. The team meets in a series of brainstorming meetings. A suitable meeting room and support facilities are needed.

Question: Does it make sense to complete a LOPA in addition to a PHA study?

Answer: If you intend to comply with the ISA S84 / IEC 61511 standard for Safety Instrumented Systems, you will need to perform a LOPA, risk graph, risk matrix or similar study to determine the need for SISs and their performance requirements. You may also want to perform LOPA studies to help resolve recommendations from PHA studies.

Question: Does Primatech offer people who specialize in my industry?

Answer: Often Primatech can provide a consultant who knows your specific industry. However, our consultants are trained to apply process safety, security and risk management practices regardless of the specific industry involved. Also, you may wish to have a fresh set of eyes who can look at your process from a new perspective and help identify issues you may have missed owing to your familiarity with the process.

Question: Do you provide technical information I can review on the services that you offer?

Answer: Yes, please click here.