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Primatech Consulting

What our clients are saying...

  • "I have had a great experience with Primatech consultants and they have all been very professional and true process safety experts."

    - Danil Lamriben, Plant Supervisor, National Grid
  • "You have helped King Industries continue in its transformation towards establishing a more effective PHA process, and to gain a better appreciation of evaluating overall risk."

    - Rich Byrnes, Engineering Manager, King Industries, Inc.
  • "Primatech is the best experience I have had in the consulting arena and by far the best at PSM."

    - Jim Jacobson, Safety and Security Manager, City Brewing Company, LLC
  • "Many thanks to the entire Primatech team for a professional job well done. Arboris has benefited greatly from your services."

    - David J. Neely, CSP, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Arboris - Newark Manufacturing Plant
  • "I appreciate Primatech's good work during the PSM Audit. Everyone was impressed with your methods and interviews."

    - Dan Kidd Ph.D. EnE, PSM Coordinator, Westinghouse Electric Company.