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What are Quick Entry lists in PHAWorks RA Edition?

Quick entry is a software feature that allows lists to be pre-populate of possible common worksheet entries to select from when making entries in most worksheet columns. It speeds up data entry, provides consistency, and facilitates study quality. Quick entry lists can be populated before completing worksheets or as a study is conducted.

Entries can be added manually in Project / Quick Entry or from the worksheet by selecting Add Entry to Quick Entry List in the context menu.

Quick entry lists can be accessed in worksheet columns via the drop-down list using the following methods:

  • Pressing ALT+<down arrow>
  • Pressing Enter in a blank field
  • Using the context menu command. In the drop-down list, you can start typing and the list of entries is filtered automatically using the characters entered. In Application Settings, Drop-down list settings controls when the drop-down appears.

Quick Entry lists are available in the Entry Lists (press CTRL+E).

Quick entry lists can also be accessed by clicking on the Lists Tab in the left sidebar of the worksheet. One or more entries can be selected from Lists and entered in the worksheet by pressing Enter. Single entries also can be entered in the worksheet by double clicking on them. Also, entries can be copied to the worksheet using context menu commands.

Attributes of entries may be copied based on your Copy Settings setting in Utilities / Preferences / Application.

Example images for Quick Entry lists.

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