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Companies that handle highly hazardous chemicals in excess of threshold quantities must comply with OSHA's Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, 29 CFR 1910.119 and EPA's Risk Management (RM) Program rule, 40 CFR Part 68.

These regulations are performance-based and compliance with them is quite different from specification-based regulations that spell out requirements. Many decisions must be made by companies on how to meet PSM and RMP regulatory requirements and what levels of performance are appropriate. As technical improvements are made, OSHA's and EPA's expectations for performance increase. Companies must stay abreast of these developments and adjust their programs accordingly. Many companies find it is more cost effective to seek outside expertise when doing so.

Why Address PSM?

PSM is a regulatory requirement in many parts of the world. It is also good engineering practice for the process industries. PSM programs protect people and the environment. They also help to reduce process downtime, ensure process operability, maintain product quality, and avoid adverse publicity from accidents.

Why Primatech?

Primatech has developed many PSM programs for clients in a variety of industries as well as for individual PSM elements such as Mechanical Integrity (MI), Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Management of Change (MOC). Unlike programs that merely re-state the PSM regulation, Primatech-developed programs reflect current regulatory expectations and match the requirements of the facility and company. Our work takes into account clarifications and interpretations of the regulations that have been issued by OSHA and EPA and thus help to ensure regulatory compliance.

Primatech provides extensive knowledge of technical developments in PSM and regulatory expectations for compliance with the regulations. Primatech developed a Training Material Reference Manual for OSHA to elaborate on PSM regulatory requirements to help train OSHA inspectors. Primatech teaches training courses on all aspects of PSM and we have developed a variety of computer software programs to assist with the implementation of PSM.

Services Offered

  • Development of full PSM and Prevention Programs.

    Typically, this is done for new facilities or expanded facilities that come under coverage by PSM and/or RMP. We provide documentation for all elements of the program and usually assist in their implementation.

  • Improvement of existing PSM and Prevention Programs.

    We conduct an initial assessment of the existing program to identify areas for improvement. Sometimes companies may have a sound PSM program design, but may be struggling with implementing it. We document the assessment and work to improve weaker parts of the program.

  • Improvement of specific elements of PSM and Prevention Programs.

    We help companies fine tune mechanical integrity, management of change, and other programs that are part of PSM. We provide documentation of the work performed.


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