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Many companies choose to bring training courses to their workplace. Primatech can deliver any of our courses at your facility or offices. Courses available for in-house delivery include all of our publicly available courses plus specific courses which are taught on an in-house basis only.

Benefits of In-House Courses

In-house courses avoid the need to incur travel expenses for attendees and minimize their time away from work. Course durations typically range from one day to one week but can be tailored for in-house deliveries. Courses can be taught on a worldwide basis. Times and dates can be scheduled to meet your needs.

Customization of In-House Courses

In-house courses can be customized to include examples, exercises and workshops specific to your company. In addition, special topics can be added to or deleted from the course curriculum to accommodate your individual preferences and training needs. Materials specific to your organization's procedures and requirements may be included and, at your option, your own presenters may deliver them.


Courses use a combination of presentation materials, exercises and workshops. Questions are encouraged.


A detailed course manual is provided. Checklists, job aids, regulatory standards and resource materials are provided, as appropriate.

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