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You may have used PHAWorks 5 for many years and are comfortable with its platform. However, making the transition from PHAWorks 5 to PHAWorks RA Edition is easy and offers many benefits.

Benefits of PHAWorks RA Edition
  • Runs under Windows 10
  • Fully supported and maintained
  • Automatically opens PHAWorks 5 projects
  • Provides a more user-friendly interface than PHAWorks 5
  • Includes features PHAWorks 5 users are used to such as Quick Entry, Quick Copy, and References
  • Provides major new features such as LOPA, linked entries, Resource Manager, Project Snapshots, and Data Check
  • Enhances worksheet nagivation, data entry, and use of references
  • Improves the management of data for nodes, safeguards, and recommendations
  • Includes more risk ranking options and risk graphs
  • Provides more study methods including HAZID, SIMOP, Dust Hazard Analysis, and Damage Mechanism Review
  • Includes new checklists to help you with facilty siting, human factors, MOC, and QC reviews
  • Provides data analytics to help you gain insights into your study results

Experience the next generation of PHA Software today.