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AUDITWorks assists in the preparation and documentation of safety and environmental compliance audits. This software provides guidance in conducting audits, a framework in which to record audit results including data management capabilities. Audit against government regulations, industry standards or your company's own health, safety and environmental standards. AUDITWorks provides the means to facilitate all types of audits.

Key Benefits
  •  Conduct audits using predefined checklists.
  •  Link common entries throughout your project.
  •  Create a master database of recommendations.
  •  Navigate easily between worksheets.
  •  Select from standard customizable reports or create and configure your own.
  •  Generate statistical analyses of your audits.
  •  Pre-enter common data in quick entry lists for use throughout studies.
  •  Auto number columns using cascade or simple numbering.
  •  Intuitive user interface.

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