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Advantages offered by Primatech for individual consulting services are provided in the description of each service. Click here for services. All consulting services also benefit from these advantages:

  • Our consultants have served in a wide range of industries and have participated in a diverse range of projects.
  • Our projects are led efficiently and facilitated using Primatech's software products.
  • Primatech provides comprehensive project reports.
  • Projects are managed and deliverables are produced out of our corporate offices to facilitate project performance and quality control.
  • Project deliverables are subjected to comprehensive peer review.
  • Primatech provides highly specialized assistance that is not easily obtained elsewhere.
  • Primatech has pioneered and continues to develop new and improved approaches for performing and conducting process safety studies over a period of 30 years. These approaches allow studies to be performed efficiently and effectively and also help to ensure study quality.
  • Primatech is an independent company with no vested interests and, therefore, is seen to deliver work recognized as objective and unbiased.