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You have been using PHAWorks 5 to conduct PHA studies.

PHAWorks 5 was retired on June 30, 2020. Technical support is no longer available, including bug fixes, security patches, updates, new features, etc. Anyone who continues to use PHAWorks 5 does so without support. PHAWorks 5 was last supported under Windows 7 and may not run under new operating systems. Any problems experienced in running PHAWorks 5 cannot be addressed by Primatech.

PHAWorks 5 has been replaced by PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite. PHAWorks RA Edition is Primatech’s new flagship software with many improvements and additional features compared to PHAWorks 5.  PHAWorks Lite is a lower cost alternative with a smaller set of features.

If you would like to receive additional information on these software products, please contact us

Click continue <link> to allow continued use of PHAWorks 5 and confirm you understand the risks of using outdated software.