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How does the export feature work in PHAWorks RA Edition?


This page explains how to export data from PHAWorks RA Edition using the comma separated values (CSV) format. The Export feature was designed to export recommendations (action items) from PHAWorks RA Edition to be imported and tracked in other programs (e.g., Excel, Quattro Pro, Access, Paradox.)

If you want to generate reports to open in word processing programs such as Word, you need to use the HTML Report feature in Reports.

You can export recommendations and associated data from a project to a CSV file, for example, for tracking purposes, using the Export command in the File menu.

  • Data exported is based on entries in the Recommendation tab.
  • Recommendations found in the Recommendations Tab but not used in the project are also exported.
  • If there are no recommendations used in the worksheet, scenarios are not exported unless Recommendations are listed in the Recommendations tab. The listing of unused recommendations would then get exported.
  • The order of the recommendations being exported is based on the order in the Recommendations tab.
  • Each recommendation occupies a single line and each field is surrounded by double quotes and separated with a comma.
  • If the exported file is opened for example in Excel, the double quotes and commas are removed.
  • If there are multiple values in a cell (e.g. two CAT values), the software includes a line break (\n) separating those values.
  • Items exported are any recommendations and information needs (entries beginning with an asterisk).
  • Items not exported are any references and comments (entries beginning with a colon) used in the Recommendation column.
  • If you only select to export the "Recommendation" column, each Recommendation is listed only once even if a Recommendation is used multiple times.
  • If you select to export related columns (e.g., Consequences) in addition to the "Recommendation" column, the same Recommendation gets exported multiple times (listed on multiple rows) with the related data.

When exporting, you can use the context menu to Include / Exclude All fields and to Show All selected fields (or use the radio button selection - All Fields / Included fields). You can also use the field checkboxes to select the fields you want exported.

You can change the order of the fields by left clicking on a field label while keeping the mouse button pressed, and then dragging the field to a new location.

Use the browse button to choose a file location for the exported recommendations.

If you check to export the recommendation linked number field (#), you can add a value for a prefix. The value for the prefix will be prepended to the recommendation linked number in the output.

Click the Add Filter button to filter the recommendations being exported.

If you insert symbols as data in PHAWorks RA Edition, click here concerning how to import the data into Excel.


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