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Primatech offers both online and face-to-face training courses. Primatech also offers online tutorials of shorter duration that focus on individual technical topics. Online courses and tutorials are live-streamed.

Attendees at online courses and tutorials are provided with electronic instructional materials. Online courses and tutorials are led by instructors via GoToTraining. Recording of the presentations in any form is strictly prohibited.

Please email training@primatech.com for additional information and with any questions.

The following training courses and tutorials are scheduled for live-streamed delivery:


Online courses are live-streamed with an instructor who answers questions and leads exercises and workshops to provide an interactive learning experience. Courses are taught over half days so that participants can attend to other matters during the other part of the day.

PHA for Batch Processes and Procedures
August 9 - 10 | 2 half days | $599 

Designing and Implementing a Process Safety Management (PSM) Program 
August 9 - 10 | 2 half days | $599 

Mechanical Integrity (MI) for Process Safety and Risk Management 
August 16 - 20 | 5 half days | $1,199

PHA Essentials for Team Leaders
August 23 - 27 | 5 half days | $1,199

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Process Safety and Risk Management (PSM)
September 13 - 17 | 5 half days | $1,199

SIL Determination Using Risk Matrices, Risk Graphs and LOPA 
September 21 - 22 | 2 half days | $599

Auditing Process Safety Management (PSM) Programs
September 21 - 24 | 4 half days | $1,099

Understanding and Applying Risk Tolerance Criteria for LOPA
September 23 - 24 | 2 half days | $599

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Online tutorials are live-streamed with an instructor who answers questions. Tutorials benefit experienced practitioners and also extend the training of those who have attended our live-streamed or face-to-face courses. The tutorial durations shown below are approximate. 

How to Perform PHA to Facilitate LOPA
September 8 | $199 | 2 hours

How to Perform HAZOP on Procedures and Batch Processes
September 9 | $149 | 1.5 hours

Understanding and Addressing Chemical Reactivity Hazards in PHA
September 10 | $399 | 4 hours

How to Assign Nodes in HAZOP Studies
October 4 | $199 | 2 hours

Understanding and Addressing Domino Effects in PHA  
October 5 | $199 | 2 hours

How to Identify IPLs for LOPA Studies
October 6 | $399 | 4 hours

Facilitation Skills for PHA and LOPA Team Leaders
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Creative Thinking in Process Safety
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How to Design and Use Risk Matrices
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Full Training Schedule