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This technical briefing is offered for public live-streamed delivery. It is also available for in-house live-streamed delivery.

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Online (2:00pm EDT) May 23, 2024 2 hours $199


Domino effects in which an initial primary hazardous event, such as a fire or explosion, triggers secondary and further hazardous events, such as a toxic release, that dramatically escalate the consequences should be addressed in PHA studies. Unfortunately, often they are not considered.

Domino effects make significant contributions to process risk as evidenced by numerous process safety incidents in which they have played a key role. The consequences of domino effects are amongst the greatest that can occur in process facilities. Often they involve multiple fatalities and entire facilities have been destroyed by them.

This technical briefing describes domino effects and provides a procedure to address them in PHA studies. Attendees receive an electronic copy of the technical briefing materials.

What you will learn:

  • Nature and types of domino effects
  • Importance of domino effects
  • Ways in which domino effects occur
  • Insights into domino effects from incidents
  • Information needed to address domino effects
  • Pitfalls to avoid in addressing domino effects
  • How to protect against domino effects
  • Procedure for addressing domino effects in PHA

Who Should Attend

PHA facilitators and team members.


An understanding of PHA, such as the HAZOP study.