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Online (1:00pm EDT) June 14, 2024 4 hours $399
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Reactive chemical hazards must be addressed in PHA studies. However, addressing chemical reactivity hazards is more challenging than for toxic, flammable and explosive hazards because chemical reactivity hazards are not as well recognized or understood. Also, hazard scenarios involving reactivity hazards are more involved and harder to identify.

Many accidents have occurred as a result of inadequate understanding of or protection against chemical reactivity hazards. A CSB study of reactivity incidents found that 60% involved inadequate practices for identifying hazards and conducting PHA studies. Thus, it is important that chemical reactivity hazards be addressed properly in PHA.

This course describes chemical reactivity hazards and provides a procedure to address them in PHA studies. Attendees receive an electronic copy of the course materials.

What you will learn:

  • Meaning of chemical reactivity hazards
  • Types of chemical reactivity hazards
  • Significance of reactive chemical hazards
  • Reactive chemicals and regulations
  • How to screen facilities to identify reactivity hazards
  • Sources of information on reactive chemical hazards
  • Pitfalls in addressing reactive chemical hazards
  • Measures to control reactive chemical hazards
  • How to address reactive chemical hazards in PHA

Who Should Attend

PHA facilitators and team members.


An understanding of PHA, such as the HAZOP study.