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Course Description

This course helps prepare team leaders to facilitate PHA study teams. The course provides attendees with detailed guidelines for facilitating PHA studies. Attendees participate in instructor-led workshops that demonstrate leadership and facilitation skills. Participants discover the tactics and success factors that help ensure a successful study. Upon completing this course attendees receive certification of training.

You will learn:

  • How hazard scenarios are defined 
  • Regulatory requirements for PHA 
  • How hazards are identified  
  • Why defining a study charter is important 
  • Requirements for team leaders, scribes, and team members 
  • What information to collect in advance 
  • Requirements for PHA facilities 
  • How to node process diagrams 
  • Rules for team behavior 
  • How to record PHA studies  
  • Use of PHA software
  • Meaning of design intent in HAZOP studies 
  • Use of guidewords and parameters in HAZOP studies 
  • Guidelines for completing PHA worksheets 
  • Use of risk matrices to rank risks 
  • Meaning of enabling events / conditions 
  • How to address human factors and facility siting in PHA studies  
  • Requirements for study documentation and reporting  


Learn to organize and lead process hazard analysis studies using the HAZOP and "What-If" techniques.

Target Audience

Engineers and others responsible for leading PHA studies.


The ability to understand P&IDs and a technical background in process plants are required.

Course Contents

  • Overview of PHA 
  • Hazard Scenarios 
  • PHA Regulatory Requirements 
  • What-If Studies 
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies  
  • Study Charter 
  • Selecting a Team 
  • Reference Data  
  • Other Preparation Activities   
  • Subdividing the Process 
  • The First Session 
  • Recording PHA Studies 
  • Design Intent, Parameters and Deviations 
  • Causes 
  • Events 
  • Consequences 
  • Safeguards 
  • Enablers 
  • Risk Ranking 
  • Recommendations 
  • Overall Guidelines 
  • Human Factors   
  • Facility Siting  
  • PHA Report Preparation

Duration / Credits

  • Three days
  • 2.1 CEUs or 21 PDHs awarded

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