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Locations Dates Duration Tuition
Online (9:00am EDT) June 25-26, 2024 2 half days $895
Houston, TX November 4, 2024 1 day $975

Course Description

Government regulations and industry recommended practices require that human factors be addressed in process safety. Human factors control the interface of people with a process as they interact with it performing operations, maintenance, and other tasks. Human factors impact the likelihood of human errors which are the greatest contributor to process safety incidents. Poor human factors design of a process likely will lead to process safety incidents.

Generally, processes are not well-protected from human errors since many safeguards focus on equipment rather than human failure. Consequently, it is likely that human error will be an important contributor to the risks for most processes. Companies should perform human factors assessments for their processes to minimize the process safety risks from poor human factors designs. Improving the human factors design of a process can produce not only improvements in safety and health but also gains in quality, productivity, and employee job satisfaction.

This course provides participants with an understanding and appreciation for the types of human factors issues and human errors that can adversely impact process safety so that improvements can be recommended. Participants are taught how to perform a human factors engineering review and human error analysis.

What you will learn:

  • Importance of human factors in process safety
  • Regulatory requirements for addressing human factors in process safety
  • Relationship between human factors and human errors
  • Organizational models for human factors
  • Categorization of human factors issues
  • How to perform a human factors engineering review for a process
  • Ways of addressing human factors
  • Types of human errors
  • Reasons for human errors
  • Classification of human errors
  • How to perform a human error analysis for a process
  • Ways of addressing human errors
  • Importance of human factors and examples of human errors in the process life cycle
  • Contents of a program to ensure human factors is addressed in process facilities

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for process safety personnel and others who need to understand the subject of human factors as it applies to process safety and be able to identify human factors issues and human errors in processes.


A background in process safety, process engineering, or design engineering is useful.


0.7 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) or 7 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are awarded.

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