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Course Description

The scribe or technical secretary for process hazard analysis (PHA) studies, using methods such as the hazard and operability (HAZOP) study, plays a vital role. The work of the PHA team must be recorded accurately and completely to ensure the study is worthwhile. Scribes must understand the process of performing PHA and be able to work effectively with team leaders and other members of the team.

This training course explains the role of the PHA scribe, teaches guidelines that should be followed in recording studies, and provides guidelines for working with team leaders.
Part of the class time is spent in workshop sessions practicing scribing and receiving feedback from the instructor.

You will learn:

  • Why PHA studies must be recorded
  • What roles are played on a PHA team
  • What content is required in PHA worksheets
  • How to record worksheet entries efficiently
  • How to understand team discussions
  • How team dynamics affects studies
  • How to work effectively with study leaders
  • How to ensure the quality of study records


Be able to effectively and efficiently record PHA studies involving teams of people.

Target Audience

Individuals who act as scribes or technical secretaries for PHA study teams.


A technical background or experience is valuable.

Course Contents

  • Understanding PHA
  • Regulatory requirements for PHA
  • Common PHA methods
  • PHA procedures
  • Means of recording studies
  • Guidelines for working with the team leader
  • Guidelines for scribing

Duration / Credits

  • One day
  • 0.7 CEUs or 7 PDHs awarded


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