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This course is offered for public live-streamed delivery. It is also available for in-house live-streamed delivery.

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Locations Dates Duration Tuition
Online (1:00pm EDT) June 13, 2024 4 hours $399
Online (1:00pm EDT) October 18, 2024 4 hours $399


Every five years after the completion of an initial process hazard analysis (PHA) study, the study must be updated and revalidated in accordance with OSHA PSM, EPA RMP, or other regulations.

This course teaches participants how to revalidate previous PHA studies, such as hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies. Attendees learn the most effective approaches to use in performing PHA revalidation.        

What you will learn:

  • Regulatory requirements for PHA revalidations
  • Purpose of revalidations
  • Types of revalidations needed
  • How to prepare a revalidation plan
  • Procedure for PHA revalidation

Who Should Attend

People responsible for satisfying regulatory requirements for PHA, including PHA revalidation.


Experience or training in PHA is desirable.