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Can I generate multiple reports at once in PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite?

Using Report Groups, multiple reports can be generated at once. Reports do not need to be printed individually.

To access Report Groups, click on the Reports tab.

Groups are indicated with a "+" in front of the group name.

New Report Groups can be created by clicking the  icon or using the context menu and selecting Add New Report Group.

Reports included in Report Groups can be customized:

  • Right click and while keeping the mouse button pressed, drag the report into a group and select Move Here or Copy Here.

  • Left click and while keeping the mouse button pressed, drag will move the report. The same action can be preformed on a report group.

  • Drag the reports names in an existing report group to determine the order in which the reports will be printed.

When you print a report group, all of the reports in the group can use the report setting for all reports or each individual report setting.

Based on the settings, multiple reports can be generated to one PDF file, multiple PDF files, one HTML file, or multiple HTML files. Multiple reports can also be printed directly to the printer.

Example image for Report Groups.

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