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How do I configure how drop-down lists in PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite?

How the drop-down list functions can be changed by competing these steps.

  1. Click on Utilities / Preferences / Application.

  2. Under the Drop-down Lists section, select the required functionality.
    • Open manually - If checked, the drop-down list will not automatically open. To open the list, press ALT+<down arrow> or CTRL+<spacebar>, pressing Enter in a blank field, or using a context menu command.
    • Open when entering an empty cell - If checked, the drop-down list will open automatically when an empty cell is clicked on or when tabbed into in the worksheet.
    • Open when starting to type - If checked, the drop-down list will open automatically when typing starts in an empty cell in the worksheet. After pasting text, the drop down will not automatically drop-down if typing begins.

  3. Click OK or Apply.
    • Click Apply to complete the change while keeping the Preferences dialog open.
    • Click OK to complete the change and close the Preferences dialog.

Example image for Drop-down Lists. Image below is from PHAWorks RA Edition.

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