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How do I backup my files in PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite?

It is good practice to create a backup copy of your projects to help guard against their loss. If there is a computer failure, you can recover your project from a backup file.

You can customize how you want to complete backups in Utilities / Preferences / Backup:

  • Enable timed backup every XX minutes - If checked, the program will automatically create a backup file of the current project every set number of minutes in the selected location. Each new backup file created will overwrite the previous backup file.
  • Save backup files in My Documents - If selected, the backup file will be saved in your My Documents location.
  • Save back files in - If selected, the backup file will be saved in a location you select using the browse button.

Note that projects are not saved automatically. You must save projects before closing them or exiting the program.

 Example image for Backup. Image below is from PHAWorks RA Edition.

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