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How do I select worksheet entries in PHAWorks RA Edition and PHAWorks Lite?

There are two modes used in the software - Edit Mode and Selection Mode.

In edit mode, data can be entered or edited. You cannot cut, copy and paste entries, but you can cut, copy, paste text within entries.

In selection mode, data can be viewed but not edited. While in selection mode, you can cut, copy, duplicate, and drag entries or rows of data.

  • To select multiple entries, hold the Ctrl key down and left click on the cells. ┬áIn addition, if in edit mode selecting entries to cut, copy, paste, drag in the worksheet by pressing Ctrl+<left click> will change from edit mode to selection mode. This functionality may differ based on where you are in the program.

Some fields have only edit mode, for example, in Project - General. You need only click in a field to enter data.

Some fields have both edit mode and selection mode. In such cases, edit mode is entered by double clicking, pressing the function key F2, or pressing Enter.

In the worksheet, to change from edit mode to selection mode press the Esc key. Also, completing certain functions such as adding an Entry Note to a worksheet entry will switch from edit mode to selection mode.

In the worksheet, to change from selection mode to edit mode, left click in the cell or press the function key F2.

Example image for selected entries.

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