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Software FAQs

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Testing connection to Primatech key server

Can users currently access the internet normally outside of the software?

If the user can not connect to the internet and you are using Internet Release Key on close, this is the issue. The user will need an Internet key to proceed.

Can you access this url: http://cps.primatech.com/test?

If this successfully brings you to a Welcome page, than your Internet connection is working. If you do not see the Welcome screen, then you should check that your Internet connection is working correctly. If you company restricts web traffic, you may need to speak to your IT department.

Are you using a proxy?

If you are behind a proxy that requires a username and password, you will have to provided Primatech Software with your proxy credentials. You can provide those settings in the software key settings. Check "Proxy authentication required" and enter your Proxy information. If you are unsure you can check your current explorer settings under control panel > Internet Options. Select the Connections tab and click "LAN settings" button. If "Use a proxy server for you LAN" is checked then you are using a proxy server.

Have you tried changing to a different port?

A port restriction may be preventing you from accessing the cloud key server. You can change your port by clicking on Utilities then Software Key in the top menu. There available ports that can be used to communicate with the cloud key server. The default port is 80 and should work in most cases. Be sure to check the other ports in case there is a port restriction on the default port.

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