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Management teams can benefit from advice and guidance from an expert when facing situations such as:

  • Understanding the requirements of new regulations or industry standards.
  • Implementing process safety, security or risk management programs for the first time.
  • Knowing how to improve existing programs.
  • Understanding the crucial role management plays in process safety and risk management.
  • Merging process safety, security or risk management programs as a result of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Integrating the management of multiple sureties, such as safety, security, environmental protection and quality, into a unified management system.

In such situations, the management team must quickly understand the issues involved so that suitable development and implementation plans can be developed. Primatech's experts offer advice and guidance on the best way to proceed. They understand the pitfalls involved and how to avoid them.

Why Management Consulting on Risk and Safety?

The management of process risks and safety is critical to the successful operation of any organization. Management consulting provides a cost-effective way for managers to come up to speed on key aspects of risk and safety rapidly. It provides an opportunity for management teams to develop a common understanding of what must be done and how to do it and to move forward with all members of the team on the same page.

Why Primatech?

Primatech has performed thousands of projects for hundreds of diverse companies of all sizes around the world. This experience has given Primatech insights into what works and what does not work and our experts can share this knowledge with you. Primatech management consultants are not just technical experts; they provide advice and guidance from the perspective of management. They speak the languages of both technical experts and management and they can establish a bridge between them.

Services Offered

  • Advice and guidance to management as programs are developed and implemented.

    We provide assistance to management in designing and implementing programs and help to address issues as they arise.

  • Presentations to management teams.

    We provide presentations on key topics with questions and answers integrated into the presentation. The duration and format are tailored to meet your specific needs.
    See Management Briefings for further details.

  • One-on-one briefings for individual managers.

    We provide an informal briefing for one manager on one or more key topics. The format is tailored to meet the individual's needs.


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