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Hazard identification uses checklists of hazards to pinpoint material, system, process, and facility characteristics that could produce undesirable consequences through the occurrence of an incident. Possible means of eliminating the hazards or controlling the risk are usually identified. HAZID (HAZard IDentification) is a high-level, systematic study of process hazards. It is used for early identification of hazards and is typically applied at the conceptual or detailed design stage.

Why Conduct HAZID Studies?

Early identification and assessment of hazards provides critical input for project decisions at a time when design changes have the minimum cost penalty.

Also, a HAZID study provides the basis for a Hazard Register that summarizes the hazards present in a process together with their sources, locations, significance, and controls. The Hazard Register provides a starting point for hazards management and is a regulatory requirement in some jurisdictions.

Why Primatech?

Primatech has extensive experience in hazard analysis. Primatech's software product, PHAWorks RA Edition, can be used to guide and document HAZID studies.

Services Offered

  • Performance of HAZID studies.

    Our facilitators will lead your HAZID team in conducting a study. We provide a written report of the results.
  • Development of a Hazard Register.

    We utilize the results of HAZID studies to prepare a Hazard Register that meets your requirements.

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