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Course Description

Recording the results of PHA studies is vital part of performing such studies. PHAWorks is a Windows-based computer software application that facilitates the electronic recording of studies.

As with most Windows software, PHAWorks is designed to allow its use right out of the box without reading the User Guide. However, users will then only employ a fraction of the software's capabilities. Great improvements in the speed and efficiency of performing studies are possible with an investment to understand the software's capabilities. Attendees learn the ropes of using the software from Primatech instructors who are thoroughly versed in the software. The instructors provide numerous "tips and tricks" of using the software.

This course provides PHAWorks users with an understanding of the full capabilities of PHAWorks starting with the basics up through the advanced features of the software.

The course will benefit those who have familiarity with PHAWorks, and those who are using PHAWorks for the first time.


To instruct users of PHAWorks on how to take advantage of the full range of capabilities including improving the speed and efficiency of conducting studies.

Target Audience

Individuals responsible for using PHAWorks to record PHA studies. These individuals may include the PHA Team Leader, PHA Scribe, PHA Coordinator, PSM Manager or other people involved in completing PHA studies.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of Windows-based software applications. Knowledge of PHA techniques is helpful, but not required. Students should come to the course with PHAWorks installed on a personal computer (a limited number of computers are available for rental from Primatech).

Course Contents

  • Creating PHA projects
  • Entering information and data in dialogs and the worksheet
  • Navigating project files and the worksheet
  • Commonly used features including find/replace, spell check, formatting, undo/redo
  • Generating customized reports
  • Using Quick Entry lists and Quick copy to speed up data entry
  • Adding notes to worksheet entries
  • Customizing the appearance of the worksheet
  • Use of Analysis Tools and the Library
  • Creating master lists of team members
  • Use of passwords to protect projects
  • Using hyperlinks
  • Configuring projects
  • Converting projects from other formats
  • Exporting projects to other applications
  • Copying files from other projects
  • Automatic worksheet numbering
  • Use of references in the worksheet
  • Using Sage and its database
  • Revisions to worksheets
  • Tracking worksheet changes
  • Revalidating studies
  • Archiving projects
  • Using protocols for PHA revalidation
  • Configuring software preferences

Duration / CEUs / ABIH

  • One day
  • 0.7 CEUs or 7 PDHs awarded


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