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PHAWorks RA Edition allows you to conduct both PHA and LOPA studies together in the same worksheet. The software is the successor to PHAWorks 5 that has been used to complete thousands of high-quality studies worldwide. Once you start using PHAWorks RA Edition, you will quickly realize how much faster and easier documenting your PHA studies will become.

PHAWorks Lite is a lower cost alternative to our flagship program PHAWorks RA Edition for conducting PHA and LOPA studies. For those who don’t require the features and flexibility of PHAWorks RA Edition, PHAWorks Lite will provide a tool to easily start documenting your studies.

Key Benefits

  • Conduct PHA and LOPA studies in the same worksheet
  • Easily switch between your PHA and LOPA studies
  • Benefit from the intuitive user interface
  • Select from 23 PHA methods such as HAZOP, CHAZOP, What If, FMEA, DHA, DMR and others
  • Use quick start guides to help you complete studies
  • Complete protocols prior to starting your study
  • Link common entries throughout your project
  • Use the risk ranking wizard to create multiple different risk rankings
  • Assign colors to cells in risk matrices
  • View tooltips that provide technical and software guidance  
  • Use checklists provided to complete studies
  • Add custom columns into the worksheet
  • Drag and drop (move or copy) data
  • Use analytics to run queries and extract valuable information from studies
  • Select multiple entries from drop-down lists to enter into the worksheet
  • Zoom in and out to change the display
  • Assign scenarios to groups to calculate different risk measures. 
  • Create databases of safeguards, recommendations, and scenario groups
  • Use QC checklists to complete a quality review of your completed study
  • Customize study templates
  • Select from standard customizable reports or create and configure your own
  • Convert your current PHAWorks 5 project files

For more information about PHAWorks RA Edition (download flyer), contact us directly at 614.841.9800, or via email at: software@primatech.com

To receive a free 15-day evaluation copy of PHAWorks RA Edition, click here.