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Course Description

This advanced course teaches participants how to revalidate previous process hazard analysis (PHA) studies, such as hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies, in accordance with the OSHA PSM and EPA RMP regulations. Participants will learn the most effective approaches to use in PHA updates and revalidations. This course provides information on recent regulatory interpretations and clarifications to assist in the identification and correction of possible omissions and deficiencies in the previous PHA.


Explain how to revalidate existing PHAs to account for process modifications and omissions and deficiencies in the previous PHA.

Target Audience

Managers and team leaders responsible for satisfying regulatory requirements for PHA, including PHA revalidation.


A thorough understanding of PHA regulatory requirements and experience or training as a PHA team leader.

Course Contents

  • Overview of PHA Revalidation
  • Planning PHA Revalidations
  • Conducting and Documenting PHA Revalidations
  • Regulatory Update on PHA

Duration / CEUs

  • One day
  • 0.7 CEUs or 7 PDHs awarded

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