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What are the different software key options for LOPAWorks?

The software key determines how the software will validate its copy. Determining the best mode for you and your users will ensure seamless usage of Primatech products. 

Important Note - The software key mode can be changed at any time within the software. This setting can be found under Utilities->Software Key in the top menu.

There are three software key modes to choose from:


Internet software keys are stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Release key on close 

This method obtains a key on start of the software and returns the key when the software is closed. This is ideal for environments that would like to share software keys between two or more users that always have an active internet connection.

Important - An active internet connection is always required with this mode.

Hold key on close

This method retains the key when the software is closed. In using this method, the key will not be returned to the cloud and thus will not be available to other users. This method does not require an Internet connection for each use of the software. Instead, this mode will attempt to provide a new 30 day key every time an Internet connection exists. This mode is ideal for people who travel or who may not have a consistent Internet connection.

Important - Although the key does not require an active internet connection, it does have an expiration date of 30 days from the last connection. The software will attempt to renew the 30 day time period if there is an internet connection, however if the key expires without being able to renew the software will require an internet connection before it can run.

Green Dongles

Green Dongles are ideal for machines that are have highly restrictive or no web access. These Dongles are pre-programmed by Primatech with a key that will allow our software to run continuously without an active connection to the Internet. The Green Dongle is not machine specific but must be plugged into the machine during the use of Primatech software. There is a fee for the Green Dongle. Please note that the number of Green Dongles available for purchase is equal to the number of licenses that were purchased.


This mode issues a temporary key that allows the software to run for up to 12 hours. This mode is temporary and should only be used when the other modes are unavailable.You can initiate this mode by contacting Primatech by phone, during business hours. You will receive a response code that will active the software.


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