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Course Description

EPA's Risk Management Program rule (40 CFR Part 68) requires submission of a Risk Management Plan (RMP) to the EPA.Risk Management Plans must be updated and submitted to the EPA at least once every five years.

The Risk Management Plans contain data elements relating to facility registration information, worst case and alternative release scenarios, 5-year accident history, prevention program and the facility's emergency response program.

This course explains how to ensure your RMP meets the requirements of the Risk Management Program rule and discusses steps in the updating and resubmission of your RMP to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Provide process safety and risk management coordinators, managers, and others responsible for updating RMPs with an understanding of what is required for compliance with the Risk Management Program rule and guidance on how to ensure RMPs are complete.

Target Audience

Managers, process safety coordinators and others responsible for updating RMPs.



Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background of EPA Risk Management Program rule
  • Summary of Requirements for Compliance
    • Management System for Implementation of Risk Management Program
    • Hazard Assessment
      • Offsite Consequence Analysis (Worst Case Release Scenarios & Alternative Case Release Scenarios)
      • 5 Year Accident History
    • Program Level Determination
    • Prevention Program
    • Emergency Response Program
  • Recent Amendments to the Risk Management Program rule
  • Updating Requirements for RMPs
  • Contents of the RMPs
  • Methods for Conducting Offsite Consequence Analysis
  • Methods for Submitting RMPs
  • Updates Other than 5-year Submissions

Duration / CEUs

  • One day
  • 0.7 CEUs or 7 PDHs awarded

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