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Course Description

Process security management addresses threats from terrorist and criminal acts against plants that may result in the release of hazardous materials. The risk of such threats must be assessed to determine if existing security measures and safeguards are adequate or need improvement. Risk assessment is the heart of a process security program. It involves both threat analysis and vulnerability analysis.

Threat analysis is used to identify the sources and types of threats. Once specific threats have been identified, vulnerability analysis is used to identify how threats could be realized. Recommendations are made for improvements to reduce the likelihood and severity of terrorist and criminal acts for consideration by management based on the nature of the threat, process vulnerabilities, possible consequences, and existing security measures and safeguards. Risk rankings are performed as part of the analysis.

Attendees participate in workshop sessions where threat and vulnerability analysis is conducted.


To train participants to perform threat and vulnerability analysis for their facilities.

Target Audience

Process safety and security personnel and others who may be responsible for assessing and managing the risk of threats to process facilities.


Experience in qualitative risk analysis or process hazard analysis is desirable.

Course Contents

  • Overview
  • Risk and decision making
  • Threat Analysis
    • Intelligence
    • Source of threats
    • Types of threats
    • Ways to realize threats
    • Guidelines for identifying threats
    • Factors affecting threat likelihood
    • Assessment of threat likelihood
    • Threat levels
  • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Meaning of vulnerability
    • Steps in vulnerability analysis
    • Preparation
    • Conducting studies
    • Follow-up
    • Lessons learned
  • Strategies for security measures and safeguards
  • SVA Methods
  • Rings of protection analysis (ROPA)
  • Study documentation and reporting
  • Follow-up on action items
  • Cost-benefit analysis for security improvements

Duration / CEUs

  • Two days
  • 1.4 CEUs or 14 PDHs awarded

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