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PHA and LOPA in a single comprehensive tool
Manage LOPA data
Create a database of initiating event frequencies, IPL PFDs, and enabler multipliers to use in studies. Manage Risk Tolerance Criteria, and configure LOPA settings to leverage the power of PHAWorks in conducting Layers of Protection Analysis.
Conduct LOPA within the PHA worksheet
From directly within the PHA worksheet, tag scenarios as LOPA and enter initiating event frequencies, specify risk tolerance, and mark safeguards as IPL. Integrated LOPA views provide the ability to transform your worksheet into one that includes all LOPA columns. Filter any worksheet to hide any non-LOPA scenarios at the push of a button. PHAWorks enables you to complete LOPA for your study without exporting data or utilizing another program.
LOPA support from start to finish
Alongside features like LOPA-specific filtering of the worksheet, PHAWorks provides built-in LOPA report tools to support every step of the LOPA process.

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