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Primatech is exhibiting at the 16th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion, 16-19 June 2019, at the Aula Centre, in Delft, the Netherlands

Please visit our booth during exhibit hours at the Aula Centre, Delft, the Netherlands. Representing Primatech at this year's conference will be Dr. Paul Baybutt, President; Shawn Metzler, Software Business Manager; and Tamara Moorman, Certification Services Manager. They will be available to discuss how Primatech's consulting, training, and software services and products, and Primacert's certifications, can assist in meeting your organization's process safety objectives. We hope to see you there!

Be sure to attend a presentation by Dr. Baybutt on the topic, "How should cyber-security risk assessment be performed?" on Tuesday, 18 June at 18:15, in the Aula (Auditorium) Room. This presentation is part of Session VI, Physical Security and Cyber Security in Process Plants.

Dr. Baybutt is also a panelist for the Roundtable on Chemical Security on Monday, 17 June at 17:30-18:30, in Aula (Commissiekamer 3). 

Pick up copies of Primatech's latest technical papers written by Primatech's president, Dr. Paul Baybutt.

The Primatech booth will also feature demonstrations of the company’s two PHA software products, PHAWorks® RA Edition and PHAWorks® LiteEach program allows you to conduct both PHA and LOPA studies together in the same worksheet.  

Primatech PHA Software:

 PHAWorks RA Edition icon

View a demonstration of our PHAWorks RA Edition® software, and experience its versatility and ease of use as you easily navigate within projects, use quick start guides to lead you through performing studies, generate databases of linked entries, and create custom risk rankings, among its many other useful features.  

 PHAWorks Lite icon

Watch a demonstration of our PHAWorks Lite® software option to learn about this lower cost alternative to PHAWorks RA Edition. PHAWorks Lite is available for those who don't require the features and flexibility of RA Edition, and still get an effective tool to easily start documenting your PHA studies. 


For more information about our software products, contact us directly at 614.841.9800, or via email at: software@primatech.com. To receive a free 15-day evaluation copy of either software product, click here.

Come back to this web page in the weeks ahead for more updated information as the Loss Prevention 2019 dates approach.