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  • Should a PHA team leader act as their own scribe?

Question: Should a PHA team leader act as their own scribe?


Many PHA team leaders act as their own scribe. Use of PHA recording software gives leaders a subtle but powerful form of control over the team. They can direct the team's attention to highlighted entries in the worksheet and readily display checklists and other documents. Of course, leaders who scribe should have reasonable keyboard skills and be comfortable with all the other responsibilities of leading studies so that scribing does not impair their performance as a leader.

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Our capabilities include:

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), e.g., HAZOP Studies
  • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) - IEC 61511 / ISA 84
  • SIL Verification
  • PSM and RMP Compliance Audits and Program Assessments
  • OSHA Chemical National Emphasis Program (NEP) Audit Preparation and Assessment
  • PSM Program Development and Implementation
  • RMP Program Development and Implementation
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Development and Implementation
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Audits and Assessments
  • Management of Change (MOC) for Process Safety
  • Operating and Maintenance Procedures Development
  • Human Factors and Human Error Analysis
  • Facility Siting Analysis
  • Dispersion and Consequence Modeling
  • Probability Modeling
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response Program Development and Implementation
  • Cyber Security Management
  • Process Security Management
  • Security Vulnerability Analysis for Deliberate Acts Including Terrorism
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

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