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Primatech 30-Year Anniversary Logo

Primatech’s President and CEO, Dr. Paul Baybutt, founded the company in October, 1987 to offer consulting services, training courses, and software products in process safety. More recently, the company has expanded into providing professional certifications.

To commemorate the anniversary, Primatech is establishing an online process safety Forum to address questions on process safety. You may win a prize for submitting a question. To participate, see details provided below.

Primatech has many accomplishments over the last 30 years. They include:

  • Developed the first commercial software for HAZOP and PHA studies
  • Developed the first commercial software for LOPA studies
  • Offered the first training course on PHA for team leaders
  • Offered the first certifications in PHA and process safety
  • Trained EPA and OSHA personnel in process safety
  • Established the Primatech Training Institute
  • Developed process safety guidance for OSHA
  • Developed process safety guidelines for the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Sponsored a human factors workshop in cooperation with the US Minerals Management Service and the UK Health and Safety Executive
  • Developed new and improved methods for PHA and LOPA
  • Pioneered the development of cyber and physical security vulnerability analysis methods
  • Published over 100 peer-reviewed technical papers and book chapters
  • Performed thousands of process safety projects and training courses

Primatech has seen the field of process safety develop from a fledgling topic into an internationally recognized discipline and has accumulated a wealth of process safety knowledge. We plan to provide access to this knowledge for the benefit of the process safety community by establishing a Forum to address questions submitted to Primatech by process industry companies, industry associations, and government agencies. 

Primatech will provide an answer to a selected question each month and post it anonymously to the Forum section of Primatech’s website. A $25 gift card will be provided to individuals whose questions are used.

You may submit questions on any process safety topic to forum@primatech.com. Please provide your name, affiliation and email address.

We look forward to hearing from you.