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This tutorial is offered for public live-streamed delivery. It is also available for in-house live-streamed delivery.


Many aspects of process safety require practitioners to think creatively about issues. For example, creative thinking is essential for process hazard analysis (PHA) study participants who identify hazard scenarios in a brainstorming process. The ability of team members to think creatively is critical to ensuring the completeness of scenario identification, particularly when trying to identify rare, consequential events which are of the greatest concern.

Creative thinking is also important for other elements of process safety such as incident investigation, managing changes, and auditing.

People are not required to think creatively for much of what they do in life. Routine thought works well for most activities and becomes habitual for many people. These habits interfere with the need to think creatively in process safety.

This tutorial teaches attendees how to overcome these habits and think creatively when needed. Attendees receive an electronic copy of the tutorial materials.

What you will learn:

  • Types of thinking
  • Productive thought and creativity
  • Elements of creative thinking
  • Applications of creative thinking in process safety
  • Do’s and don’ts of brainstorming
  • How to foster creative thinking
  • Overcoming obstacles to creative thinking
  • Vertical versus lateral thinking
  • Lateral thinking tools
  • Ways to develop creative thinking skills
  • Tips for thinking creatively
  • Framework for creative thinking
  • Guidelines and strategies for creative thinking

Who Should Attend

Process safety practitioners.


An understanding of process safety.