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Software FAQs

Version and enhancement history

Tracker Client 2.5


  • Default data selected for responses was not always being populated in the Response field
  • Under the Group filter, Response Sent has been renamed Response Sent Date
  • Under the Group filter, Request Created Date has been added
  • In the tree, the date the Response was sent and the date the Request was created have been added


  • Installer always includes a shortcut on the desktop

Tracker Client 2.4


  • Version was not released

Tracker Client 2.3


  • No changes other than updating the version number to be the same as Tracker

Tracker Client 2.2


  • New email dialog
  • For the Response field, Tracker Client will save previous entered data

Tracker Client 2.01


  • Data from V1, V1.5 pre-released, and V2.00 is migrated to the new default location for the Tracker Client data file.
  • If multiple data files are found, there will be a choice of what data to migrate.

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