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Software FAQs

Version and enhancement history

LOPAWorks 3.4


  • When importing Safeguards (but not Safeguard Types) from PHAWorks 5 files, the safeguard data was not appearing in the LOPA forms.

LOPAWorks 3.3


  • More detailed error logging was added to allow better troubleshooting under certain error condition.
  • Link to display current users is now enabled


  • The user-specified template location could be made the same as the read-only template location, leading to duplicate template entries in the New Project and Open Project Template dialogs

LOPAWorks 3.2


  • Green USB Dongles are now supported under Windows 8


  • When generating group reports and using report output settings, the checkbox for the group cover page is hidden
  • Fixed an issue where very long report names caused PDF generation to fail
  • LOPA Recommendations report now only prints scenarios with recommendations


  • Zoom now increases / decreases the size of all open windows and dialogs

LOPAWorks 3.1


  • Added failover addresses to ensure the licensing server can be reached
  • Software key error no longer occurs after the computer has been asleep or when the key check times out
  • The product version number and name are now displayed in the key dialog
  • Descriptive labels in the key dialog have been updated to better reflect the state of the key


  • For sections that use columns, a configuration dialog has been added to turn columns off / on


  • When importing from a PHAWorks project, the field mapping is saved in the registry for the specific file type (e.g., hpw - HAZOP study). This allows you to have unique settings for each PHAWorks file type (e.g., hpw, wpw, lpw).


  • Confirmation message is now displayed when moving a safeguard to an IPL when there is a conflict
  • Updates to when there are multiple-use IPLs or safeguards used more than once in a scenario:
    • Multiple-use warning pane cannot be closed
    • Added detection of multiple-use IPLs to prevent computing frequencies for the scenario
    • PFDs of multiple-use IPLs  are shown in red (only in the affected scenario)
  • Updated pick-from-list for IPLs and safeguards:
  • Disable in-use IPLs / safeguards
  • Show multiple-use named IPLs / safeguards in yellow
  • Show duplicate named IPLs / safeguards in yellow


  • The key log file is now included in the submit bug report to help better support key issues


  • Prevent duplicating /copy and paste of blank lines in Drawing, Procedures, Documents sections in the Project Information tab


  • Corrected HTML reports formatting
  • Fixed printing of missing cover pages of Group/Child reports


  • Email-address are now validated for team members


  • Improved messages to better reflect duplicate data
  • IPL / Safeguards:
    • There is now one warning pane for IPLs and one for safeguards
    • Handles any number of IPLs / safeguard issues in any number of scenarios
  • There is now a message displayed when attempting to move something that already exists (for example - if you try to move a safeguard to an IPL when the IPL already exists)
  • Show invalid field message in status line when in list box (but not editing)

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