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What are some common errors numbers and solutions for LOPAWorks?

LOPAWorks Common Errors and Solutions

Error Description Resolution
2002 No access to key server (hardware) This is a communication issue between the software and the key server. This issue is generally caused by a failure of PHAWorks to establish a connection to the Internet, or access to the Internet being blocked by a third-party application, such as anti-virus software.

First, test that you can access the following site in your web browser: http://cps.primatech.com/test. If this successfully brings you to a Welcome page, than your Internet connection is working. If you do not see the Welcome screen, then you should check that your Internet connection is working correctly. If you company restricts web traffic, you may need to speak to your IT department.

If you have a corporate firewall or antivirus, these may be configured to restrict applications from sending information through your Internet connection. Speak with your IT department to have PHAWorks added as a whitelisted application. If these measures are not successful, contact Primatech for assistance.

2013 Key is invalid Your key is invalid. Make sure your software is up to date.  You can check the current version of your software by clicking Help in the top menu and selecting 'Check for Updates'.
2014 Key is invalid See resolution for error 2013
2016 Expired key Your key has expired. The software has tried to renew your key, but was unable to do so. Hit retry, this will attempt to make a new connection to the server. 
2021 Permissions issue The software does not have permission to access the key folder or files. Make sure read and write permissions are set for the following directory:

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10:
*The ProgramData folder may be hidden. 

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Primatech\<product>\<version> 

2028 No access to key server Similar to Error 2002 this issue is caused when there is no access to the key server. This is usually a software or network block. Check your Firewall settings and contact your IT department to ensure Primatech's applications have the required permissions to connect to the internet.
2030 Captive Portal Detected Captive Portal Technology restricts internet traffic until a user has authenticated with a transparent proxy server. This is common place in hotels and some corporations (usually wireless traffic). Usually, authenticating is as simple as opening a web browser window and trying to access a website. The page will be redirected to either a user agreement or a user login. Agree or login then try Primatech software again. If the problem persists contact a network administrator.
3002 No active keys found for the specified serial number This is usually caused by an invalid serial number. Serial numbers are case sensitive so it is best to copy and paste from your introduction email. You can view and modify your serial number via Utilities-> License Information
3005 No keys are available at this time for this license You have reached the maximum amount of concurrent users. This error will generate a link that will display others currently using the software. Use this information to identify and resolve the issue. If you find this is happening often, consider purchasing additional keys. You can also switch to 'Hold key on close' to keep a key reserved.
4001 No dongle found The dongle can not be found. You must have a dongle plugged into the machine running the software at all times while using the software. Important Note: If you are using Windows 8 make sure you have updated the software as previous versions had a bug that can cause this error.

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