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Software FAQs

How do I install the software?

This FAQ only applicable for these programs:

  • PHAWorks - Legacy version: 5.17 and earlier
  • LOPAWorks - Legacy version: 2 and earlier
  • Tracker - Legacy version: 2.01 and earlier

Stand Alone:

Select all the defaults during the installation.


  1. From any computer, complete an installation using your serial numbers.  Use the defaults for the program files location which will be the user's local C drive (Program Files).
  2. For the key type, select network.  For the key location, select a folder on the network that users have rights to (read, write, change, create, edit, delete, update, etc.).  These rights are required to allow the software to run.  For example, if you install the key on "M:\Primatech Software\Network Keys", make sure all users have access to this folder and all folders / files under this folder. 

    You must use a drive letter mapping (not a UNC name) for the path to the key.

    When installing the key, the software will ask if you want to create the key. Indicate Yes. If it prompts about another key being found, you may already have a key installed. You should consider stopping the installation and determine what key folders are in use.
  3. At the end of the initial installation, you can activate the software.  Follow the steps of the wizard for activation. If automatic activation fails (usually due to security / rights issues), see “How do I activate the key on the hard disk or network?” below.
  4. When you go to subsequent computers to install the software, complete the same steps.  Use the defaults for the program files location which will be the users local C drive (Program Files).  For the key location, select the same folder on the network that you originally selected (e.g., "M:\Primatech Software\Network Keys").

    As noted on the "Key Type and Location" dialog during the installation, you do not want to select the PHAWW5 or TRKW2 folders.  You want to select the folder one level above these key directories.  If you select a key folder too far down in the directory, the software will warn you.  If you try to create a new key, the software will warn you.  You want to use the same key folder as the original install (e.g., "M:\Primatech Software\Network Keys") and you do not want to create a new key folder.

    Once you activate the software, you do not need to activate the software again.  Each subsequent installation uses the same key off the network.  You can configure as many computers as you like to use the software.

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