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  • "The Advanced PHA for Team Leaders course provided good insight into current PHA expectations and quality."

    - Richard Stutzki, Process Safety Manager, 3M Company
  • "One of the best classes I've been to."

    - Kelechi Dike, Process Risk Engineer, Occidental Chemical Corporation
  • "This is a very detailed and thorough course on LOPA that really fleshed out my understanding of the subject. The examples we worked on really helped the material sink in."

    - Michael Mead, Senior Plant Engineer, ConocoPhillips
  • "Process Hazard Analysis and Safety are essential elements of the modern operation. The course was detailed, informative, and a value to me personally and to those in my teams."

    - Kevin Potter, European Operations Director, Flowcrete UK Limited
  • "Top quality education tool. No other organization is better!"

    - Tandi Waite, PSM Coordinator, OCI Beaumont LLC
  • "This is the second course that I have taken with Primatech, and both have been excellent."

    - Darrell Slatter, Health and Safety Specialist, BHP Billiton Petroleum
  • "This course was a substantial benefit for my understanding of PSM and how it applies to my company's program."

    - Mark Mason, Terminal Operations, Flint Hills Resources
  • "Excellent course, covered all the necessary components to create an effective SIS."

    - Eloy Olivo, Automation and Process Control Engineer, DuPont
  • "Presenter was very knowledgeable about subject matter, and enthusiasm and passion in subject matter is top notch."

    - Jeff Tague, Process Safety Engineer, Praxair, Inc.
  • "Great course for new PSM Engineers and PHA Team Leaders."

    - Howard Whittaker, Regional Engineering Manager, Americas, CP Kelco
  • "The PHA training material reference documents and class exercises really helped me to "get my brain wrapped around" the PHA process."

    - James Orr, I & E Engineer, BASF Corporation
  • "Primatech quality and completeness of PHA and LOPA execution guidelines, criterias, and leader training is unsurpassed. I recommend to all companies seeking a knowledge and skills training upgrade."
    - Thomas Rodkey, Process Engineering Manager, Alshon Gas

Primatech offers over 30 training courses on process safety, security and risk management topics. They range from one day to one week in duration. Many of our courses are offered for open enrollment through the Primatech Training Institute at various locations around the world throughout the year. These courses and others are also available for delivery in-house at your facilities.

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Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

June 13, 2016 Houston, TX
July 11, 2016 Philadelphia, PA
July 25, 2016 Austin, TX
July 25, 2016 Mexico City, Mexico - Delivered in Spanish
August 15, 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada
August 22, 2016 Houston, TX
September 12, 2016 Seattle, WA
October 03, 2016 Munich, Germany
October 17, 2016 Houston, TX
November 14, 2016 Las Vegas, NV
December 05, 2016 Houston, TX
December 05, 2016 Singapore, Singapore
July 25, 2016 New Orleans, LA
November 07, 2016 Houston, TX
July 27, 2016 New Orleans, LA
November 09, 2016 Houston, TX
August 17, 2016 Houston, TX
November 09, 2016 Houston, TX

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

June 27, 2016 Houston, TX
August 22, 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada
September 19, 2016 Houston, TX
October 10, 2016 Munich, Germany
November 14, 2016 Houston, TX
December 12, 2016 Singapore, Singapore
June 30, 2016 Houston, TX
August 25, 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada
September 22, 2016 Houston, TX
October 13, 2016 Munich, Germany
November 17, 2016 Houston, TX
December 15, 2016 Singapore, Singapore
July 01, 2016 Houston, TX
August 26, 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada
September 23, 2016 Houston, TX
October 14, 2016 Munich, Germany
November 18, 2016 Houston, TX
December 16, 2016 Singapore, Singapore

Process Safety and Risk Management (PSM and RMP)

June 27, 2016 Houston, TX
August 08, 2016 New Orleans, LA
October 03, 2016 Houston, TX
December 12, 2016 Las Vegas, NV
July 06, 2016 Chicago, IL
November 01, 2016 Houston, TX
June 29, 2016 Houston, TX
August 10, 2016 New Orleans, LA
October 05, 2016 Houston, TX
December 14, 2016 Las Vegas, NV
September 27, 2016 Houston, TX
November 29, 2016 Las Vegas, NV
September 28, 2016 Houston, TX
November 30, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Human Factors

Procedures Development

Competency Management

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Cyber and Physical Security

Risk Analysis


Management Briefings